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ATC series. Large format drawing. Charcoal on paper 200gr. 193 x 117cm unframed. 2013-14

( Tropical Camouflage).
Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela. Curator, Manuel Sanmartin
October 2013 - March 2014


"... with Renata Fernandez, the apparent realism, that which you are allowed to see exists primarily to obscure the deeper truth. Fernandez work (...) is not allegorical but metaphorical. She is not telling us stories. The concept of 'Camouflage'- what it is, why it exists, and what is it mainly used for, are explored and exploited in a challenging way. It is an extended metaphor, which she uses repeatedly.
At first glance these heavily and intricately worked pieces seem straightforward. They are very beautiful and made with exacting and concentrated craftsmanship in Fernandez's cramped London Studio. They differ from the photography they are derived from in that the drama created by the sole use of blacks whites and greys, and the intense evidence of the hand made process all add to a kind of tension, a kind of unease....(they) compound the poetic sense that something lies behind what we are seeing, some thing intangible and distinctly unfriendly. Yet on the surface all is well. We are in the tropics, the plants and leaves are beautiful, we are in a kind of paradise - what can be wrong?

TROPICO CAMUFLADO. Extracts from catalogue texts by Colin Smith, painter, M.A.( RCA) Harness Fellow to Yale University, assistant Editor and Writer Turps Banana Magazine and lecturer